Preloaders world API

What is API?

Having made a request for an API key, you will receive special instructions on how to make our generator create loaders for your own web-site or an application "on the run". In other words, you will be able to generate a preloader with dynamic options (like colors, sizes, speed and etc.) without any need to save the preloader file to your server.

How much does it cost?

It costs nothing. Our project's main purpose is to provide free high quality content for everyone. Therefore, the API keys with the given limits are free for any person or company use. In detail:

  • Your API key is allowed to generate directly up to 5 000 preloaders per day
  • Each separate IP-address will be able to see/generate a loader image only once per 2 seconds through your API
In case you have specific needs in regards to limits, please specify them in the API key request form.

Request for an API key and instructions

In the form below, please give us as more details in regards to your request as possible, including the purpose of the API key usage. Otherwise the requests will be ignored.

Having sent us the request, you automatically agree to our terms of use.

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